Monday, January 28, 2013

Episode 28 - Who Stole My Colors?

Yea.. so the colors are definitely out of whack this go around since we recorded after dark. Maybe next week we'll get an episode in before the sun sets. :)

No show notes this week because I just don't have time with work, grading and getting my knit on, so if you have any questions feel free to come ask in the Ravelry group or send us a PM on Ravelry or Plurk.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Episode 27 - Ode to Bad Lighting

There are a bit of show notes today because I refer to a lot of things that just are not on Ravelry or are on blogs specifically. Gotta give credit where credit is due!

Rockefeller is done! I haven't put any finished photos in Ravelry yet but the majority of the details are there. (I really need to get my projects updated on Ravelry. I've gotten really bad at that lately!)

Tardigrade Pattern:

Yes it is crochet. I'm working it on a size G with worsted weight Caron that I had laying around the stash. I'm hoping to put this in Ravelry but I haven't bothered yet. :D

Crown Mountain Farms:

Yup... They have 89 colorways! I own sooo many of these and the ones I don't own I really want! (I've spun quite a few of these too) Under the Boardwalk is there and the colors are much better than any photo I could ever take! P.S. If you want an idea how the yarn looks after it's spun check out this link:

Oh, and if you wanted the link for "How Sock Hop is Spun" check right here!

Think I got all of the important things! If you have never spun CMF's stuff you seriously should check them out. Making these show notes was dangerous... I made a wish list of colors I want from their superwash merino. The stuff spins like a dream!


Sunday, January 13, 2013

Episode 26 - Dori Returns!

We're back and Dori is here! There is a little spinning, a bunch of knitting and a whole bunch of enabling. :)

I will warn you, we were a little rambly and I know I forgot to give the details on some of the projects I was working on! Oops!

Don't forget that the Winter SALCALKAL is open and any cowls and we'll be drawing prizes for two categories! Handspun finished between December and February and finished cowls and socks knit or crocheted out of your handspun during the same time frame!

If you want to get in touch feel free to join A Spinner's Whirled group on Ravelry! As always, feel free to send us a message on plurk or Ravelry with any questions you have. :)