Saturday, May 26, 2012

Episode 3 - Melted Crayons

Episode 3!!!

Okay, so I saved the original movie and it was too big for blip, so I saved it in a very low-quality, e-mail friendly form. I HATED it! So I went and uploaded it a second time in a *better* quality setting! If you got some bizzar error, this is why. ;)

Now for the show notes!

I will warn you, because we did not podcast last week, this episode is twice as long. A bit of the silly factor that we usually keep in check may have come out.

**Please note! If I can link specific items (i.e. the shop has them in stock) I totally will! If not, I will put a link to the shop so you can browse their other awesome items. :)**

Thank Yous!
Caffeinated Knitting - with Daniella
Dragonfly Soars - with Vicki

Finished Things!
Interlacements from the Friends and Fiberworks booth at Stitches South - African Violets Colorway - 100% BFL
Gales Art - Polwarth/Silk - Dreams of Iris  (She has it in stock!!!)
Into the Whirled - Abercrombie - Merino/Tencel

Hermione's Everyday Socks - knit picks bare - dyed by us - size 1.5 US needle
Knitty and Color Batt - Jelly Beans colorway - 240 yards

Works in Progress!
198 Yards of Heaven - Jelly Beans Handspun
Loop Batt - Tiger Eye - A color for the Completely Twisted and Arbitrary Group on Ravelry
KnittyAndColor - Burning Leaves (They have a different base with the Burning Leaves colorway!)
Joe the Sheep - Border Leicester - Purchased from a small farm with no website
Handspun Scarf - I'll guilt Dori into putting the details on her projects page in Ravelry. ;)

Stuff we Bought!
Loop!! It was another color for the CTA Group on ravelry (see works in progress.)
Spinatude - Orange Mums Spindle
Lacewood Spindle - Unplanned Peacock - You'll have to check out her facebook page for current spindles.

Tour De Fleece
Our SAL/CAL/KAL! - More details to come! Be sure to check our Ravelry group. :)

If you want additional details on anything that we neglected to mention feel free to send us a PM on Ravelry or plurk! We love when you bother us.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Episode 2 - Handspun Rainbows

It's Episode 2!  

Thank Yous! 

Dawn from the Wolfe Farm Podcast 

Rachel from Knit Me Happy 

Finished Projects!

Soren - Knitty And Color - Merino/Bamboo - 5 oz - 222 yards (tag said 4oz... we're not sure where the extra ounce came from!)

Too Hot - Knitty And Color - Angelina/Bamboo/Firestar/Merino/Milk Fiber - 203 yards - 4 oz

Ashland Bay - Unknown Colorway - Merino? - 4oz - 353 yards

Into The Whirled - Children of Time - Polwarth/Silk - 4oz - 350 yards

Into The Whirled - Serenity - Falkland - 4oz - 297 yards

Current Projects! 

Knitty and Color - Jelly Beans - Merino/Firestar

Hermoine's Everyday Sock - Size 1 US needles - Handdyed Yarn (A weekend project of ours - Knit Picks Bare)

Tassel-Edged Wrap - So Simple Crochet - Caron Paints - Size H Hook

Interlacements - African Violets - BFL

Stuff we Bought/What's next?

Supernova - Knitty and Color - Angelina/Bamboo/Falkland/Firestar/Merino - 4.2 oz

Nebula - Knitty and Color - Merino/Silk - 4oz

Burning Leaves - Knitty And Color - Merino - 4oz

Reds Plus - Interlacements - BFL - 8oz

Navajo Plying Tutorial

Roving was Into the Whirled - Jinx - BFL Swirl

Some Videos Dori used in case you want extra videos:
Paradise Fibers
Andean Plying/Navajo Plying
Chain Plying

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Episode 1 - A Beginning

Welcome to Episode 1 of A Spinner's Whirled podcast! We plan on using this blog as a place to post new episodes, show notes, and other random updates in between.  Feel free to contact us on Ravelry with any comments or feedback. Contact information is listed at the end of the show!

Stuff we're spinning:

Into the Whirled - April's Fiber Club - Serenity
Interlacements - BFL - African Violets (8oz)
Knitty and Color - Too Hot Batt
Knitty and Color - Soren Top (4oz)
Gale's Art - Dreams of Iris (4oz) - Polworth/Silk Top

Stuff we bought:

Knitty and Color
Into the Whirled